About IntaCapital Swiss

IntaCapital Swiss is a modern and dynamic boutique finance company of Switzerland. We represent the traditional Swiss Banking practices of discretion, strength, reliability and performance. We deliver a unique, expert and confidential service and assure excellence, financial supremacy and efficiency for our world-wide Clients.

We offer specific services to companies seeking to raise credit, capital or loans by utilising the importation of additional collaterals via Collateral Transfer facilities or what is commonly labelled “the leasing of Bank Guarantees”.

BGPROVIDER_ABOUT01Working closely with our private Swiss bankers with whom we hold strong partnership alliances, we offer opportunity to growing companies and to those established companies that require further investment for expansion or are in need of debt restructure.

Using techniques such as securitisations, private bond issues, private debt and equity and other forms of structured finance and lending, we are able to provide much needed expansion and exploratory capital as well as specific project finance and efficiently reviving stagnant or dormant assets.

Each member of our unique Team holds specific and detailed knowledge in a wide range of financial sectors enabling us to offer our Clients the very best advice and to take our Clients to where they want to be, on time and on target.

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