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About Intacapital Swiss, Banks and Bank Guarantees

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About Intacapital Swiss, Banks and Bank Guarantees

The combined success of IntaCapital Swiss and their client dedicated products, have alleviated the stress from many companies trying to access credit facilities such as loans and lines of credit, alluded to as Credit Guarantee Facilities. The success of the Collateral Transfer or C/T Facilities, using Demand Bank Guarantees,  has been applauded by their clients having successfully accessed capital injections, loans and lines of credit.

In today’s world of electronic transfers, the Collateral Transfer Facility would not function without employing the electronic capabilities of the global banking network. The two basic function the banks must perform are…

  1. Issue and transfer Bank Guarantees, (referred to as The Issuing Bank and The Correspondent Bank),
  2. Receive and apply a Bank Guarantee to various Beneficiary’s accounts, (referred to as The Receiving Bank).

The use of Bank Guarantees as collateral for Credit Guarantee Facilities appears to be a thing of the past as Beneficiaries of Bank Guarantees are having their loan applications rejected on a regular basis. There are a multitude of reasons for this occurrence but the stand-out ones are, a lack of turnover on the account, the credit rating of the Issuing Bank, a weak relationship between the bank and the Beneficiary and harsher compliance and credit regulations. Furthermore, Banks are rejecting the Beneficiary’s request to accept Bank Guarantees.

It is with the above in mind that IntaCapital Swiss created their Banking Product, which when used in tandem with the Collateral Transfer Facility creates a facility that allows a client not only to access new credit opportunities, but has the opportunity to access new banking facilities, as bullet pointed here-below,

  1. New banking opportunities with an Investment Grade Bank
  2. Includes Electronic Safe Custody Facilities for storing Bank Guarantees
  3. Access to new loans and credit lines utilising the Collateral Transfer Facility
  4. The above subject to due diligence

Today’s financial markets are overflowing with companies seeking new lines of credit. The highly creative and innovative team at IntaCapital Swiss, have successfully created a product that allows companies to access Credit Guarantee Facilities, which were previously unavailable to them.