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Match Funding

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Match Funding

A common mistake some companies make when arranging financing is where they finance long-term projects or assets, with short-term funding. History show us, that this type of funding leads to negative cash-flow, resulting from a big increase in the cost of borrowing, which has sometimes put the company into bankruptcy.

A seldom used term is life-span funding or more commonly known as Match Funding. It is a simple equation, where short-term assets or projects are funded by short-term borrowings, and long-term borrowings fund long-term assets or projects, with the result that financing becomes cheaper.

IntaCapital Swiss, have been offering this type of Funding for many years through the utilisation of Collateral Transfer, making available customized solutions for their clients. If the client requests short-term funding of one to two years, medium-term funding of three to seven years or longer-term funding of seven years or more, IntaCapital Swiss will offer the best solution that will match the needs of your company.